Wine & Sake Pairing

Ever wondered what goes best with the local cuisine? We asked some of the best restaurants in Niseko their favourite recommendations with dishes on their menu.



Food: Shabu-shabu or Nabe (hot pot)

Sake: Hyaku Moku Daiginjyo

The sweet, fruity floral notes of this award-winning sake contrast and compliment warm winter soul food dishes, such as Shaby-shabu and a nabe.




Food: Garlic Prawn

Wine: Pinot Grigio, Pizzini '16 (Australia)

The crisp, yet fruity flavour of the Pinot Grigio brings out the delicate flavours of the garlic prawns. The citrus aromas and the minerality of the wine will give a cleaner finish!




Food: Niseko Cheese dessert

Sake: Kimoto Junmai Ginjo Kitashizuku Sake (Niseko)

The 'creaminess' of this traditional kimoto-style sake complements the subtle sweetness of the cream cheese while retaining enough acidity to contrast against the saltiness and textures of the blue cheese.




Food: Wagyu Beef Shabu-shabu

Sake: Otokoyama Pure Daiginjo (Hokkaido)

The velvety, balanced, and elegant notes of this daiginjo sake enhance the subtle flavours of the Shabu-shabu, which accent the Wagyu beef perfectly.




Food: Slow cooked beef entocostal served with herb mayo.

Wine: Lagne Twins Pinot Noir

This medium-bodied Pinot Noir pairs well with the slow roasted beef entocostal bar snack. The wine helps to highlight the slow cooking process and bring out the juicy flavours of this dish.



Food: Chef's House-Smoked "Kunsei" Selection

Wine: 2015 Santenay V.V. / Lucien Muzard Pinot Noir

The earthy, rich and fruity tones of this Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with the selection of smoked cuts, fruit and nuts.


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