5 Minutes with Kiyoe Hosokawa

We spent 5 minutes getting to know Kiyoe Hosokawa, owner of the Kiyoe Gallery at Aya Niseko.


Kiyoe Hosokawa


1. Tell us a little about Kiyoe Gallery.
Kiyoe Gallery is a platform for art and artists. I would like to showcase the works of Hokkaido artists, as I see Niseko as an important bridge between Japan and the world.

2. What can we find at Kiyoe Gallery?
Art and paintings by Japanese artists, calligraphy, photography, glass art, sculptures, ceramics and more.


3. What makes Hokkaido art unique?
Art from Hokkaido usually expresses the landscape and mood of the landscape - For example, large-scaled art works, nature and wide open space, art using natural materials and muted tones.


4. Why is art important?
Art enlivens a space and adds to the richness of one's life - We call it 'yutaka' in Japanese. Art has an intrinsic therapeutic quality, which inspires and makes one feel good.

5. Why are your gallery walls grey?
I had a Weimaraner called Meme-chan. I loved the colour of his coat so much I had the gallery walls painted the same grey!


6. What omiyage (souvenir) would you recommend to buy from Niseko/Hokkaido?
Ikura (salmon roe) in soy sauce and art/craft from Kiyoe Gallery!

Catch 'Wa' Exhibition and events at Kiyoe Gallery at Aya Niseko 2F, that runs from now until March 31 2018.


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