Issue 38 | Local's Tips


For many locals, spring is the time to unwind, relax and have fun in the sun. While some establishments may be on a spring break, there are still lots of fun and exciting things to do in Niseko. We ask some Niseko locals their plans for spring, and their top tips for visitors.

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Aaron Jamieson Photography | Photographer

Niseko Photography & Guiding | Director

Powder Yoga Niseko | Director/Founder

Powderlife | Editor

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Little Door & Bar Gyu+ | CEO & Owner

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GREG HOUGH [What’s On Niseko]
Explore Niseko & Niseko Portfolio | Managing Director

The best time I had this winter was:

Aaron: Two weeks shooting for ROXY and exploring new zones with Torah Bright, Robin Van Gyn, Lena Stoffel and Amy Fuller and Dylan Parr. Perfect powder turns with fantastic friends.
Elsie: Taking my 18-month old son skiing for the first time. Seeing how much he enjoyed it gave me great pleasure and is one of the many reasons we love Niseko. What a lucky boy to grow up here!
Kanami: Snowboarding with the yoga teachers and students from the Powder Yoga studio. There was a group of us that were around the same level and speed, so we could fly down the mountain together all morning, and then come in to the studio to do yoga in the afternoon and evenings. My two favourite things in the world!
Kris: My first run line on my new Gentemstick Super Fish that I bought at the end of last season. After imagining how it would go all year it was awesome to finally let it loose on bottomless day in Mizu no Sawa.
Ioanna: The cheers at our New Year’s Eve Party! It was so hectic, but magical at the same time!
Greg: As always there were many deep powder days but the highlight for me was skiing with my daughter.

This spring, I am going to:

Aaron: Spend as much time in the backcountry as possible. It’s what I love most. April is one of the best times of year for Yotei hikes and exploration for new areas.
Elsie: Take my son skiing as much as possible, do some backcountry touring in sunnies and a cap, spring some park laps at Nakayama Toge and sip wine on my veranda with friends on sunny afternoons. I guess I will have do some work somewhere in there too ;)
Kanami: Teach a one week Spring Yoga Intensive Course at the studio, and after that I am travelling to Thailand to study Thai Massage.
Kris: Do a lot of backcountry hiking/riding. I’m doing a split board camp to get better at skinning on splits – it’s harder than it looks and I need some tips!
Ioanna: Open a new bar in Sapporo. Can’t wait.
Greg: Dust off the bicycle and SUP and try and get some early fishing in.

My top tip(s) for spring:

Aaron: njoy the groomers early in the morning and take in the views - we don’t see Yotei very often in mid winter! Hire a guide and explore Niseko’s beautiful backcountry.
Elsie: If you haven’t been backcountry skiing before, it is an awesome time to do an introduction to backcountry tour or you could make the most of the quieter restaurants and onsens over his time and go on a culinary and onsen safari.
Kanami: On a sunny day, I highly recommend packing a picnic and going for a snowshoe in the forest. You can walk until you find your own “secret spot”, lay out your blanket, bask in the sunshine, and eat/drink delicious Japanese food and maybe a bit of sake!
Kris: Enjoy the transition between seasons. There’s still plenty of snow to ski on but you can also do all sorts of non-winter activities again – cycling, golf, rafting and a whole lot more. Enjoy!
Ioanna: Come to Bar Gyu+, we are still open until the 14th of April! Take advantage of the sunny days and take a day trip to Yoichi and taste some Nikka Whisky!
Greg: April is a unique time in the resort as you can ski in the morning and then go fishing, cycling or do countless other outdoor activities in the afternoon.