Issue 33 | Local's Tips


January is probably the best and snowiest time of the season. Apart from the incredible powder snow, there’s also a great variety of food, night skiing, awesome après scene, and lots of things to do! We ask the Executive Advisory Committee for the Best Of Niseko Awards, also Niseko locals, their favourite things to do, and their top tips for January in Niseko.


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An Dining | Owner and Chef

“Definitely backcountry! There are lots of great spots in Niseko, and you get the best powder snow in January. Go with a guide for the best experience.”

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Vacation Niseko | Representative Director

“I personally love snow shoeing, and highly recommend it now that we are in January because there is enough snow on top of all the sassa (bamboo shrubs). You can pretty much go anywhere! My favourite places for snow shoeing are Arishima in Niseko Town and Hangetsu.”

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Hokkaido Tourism Management (HTM) | General Manager

“If the restaurants in the resort are a bit crowded, head a little bit outside Hirafu to explore. Try Black Wood Grill (located in Nest At The Trees) if meat is your thing; or if you are a veggie, head to Prativo (located at Milk Kobo near to Niseko Village).”

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Niseko Tourism | Marketing Manager

“January night riding is one thing you shouldn’t miss because we get tons of snow (Japow)! And also don’t forget to get your ticket to the Niseko Music Festival. It is a rare opportunity to enjoy a top notch performance from the Australian Chamber Orchestra.”

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Mick’s | Owner

“Have an Onsen! The onsen at Yotei Hotel is my favourite. And, by the way, Elvis does the best kebabs in town! Look out for his food truck in Hirafu.”

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Midori no Ki (MnK) | General Manager

“Go hiking. Either employ a guide or if you have the expertise head into the backcountry yourself. Niseko has a range of backcountry spots that are all worth the effort! January is cold! Pack warm clothes, merino thermals are a must!”

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Little Door & Bar Gyu+ | CEO & Owner

“The one thing you have to do if you come to Niseko is get out of town to a good onsen. Take a taxi and get out of the main village - head out to Annupuri, Moiwa or Rankoshi. Soak in the natural hot spring and watch it snow. So much is going on when you are on holiday, an hour of silence and peace can really bring you back into the moment. Favourite onsens are Yogokorotei, Goshiki and Rankoshi. ”

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GREG HOUGH [What’s On Niseko]
Explore Niseko & Niseko Portfolio | Managing Director

“Enjoy the unique and quirky apres scene, step into one of the hole in the wall bars or restaurants scattered around the lower village for a glimpse the real Hirafu. And ski one of the nearby resorts for a day.”

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Sanctuary Niseko | Creative Director

“January’s about good snow, good food and taking time off to recharge. Join a yoga class to stretch out before or after a day’s out on the slopes. There are lots of yoga classes and studios in Niseko, such as Powder Yoga at AYA Niseko, Ashtanga Yoga with Marika, Zen Yoga, and Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa yoga at Niseko Soukomura, that are catered to all levels of practice.”

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CLARA TAN [What’s On Niseko]
Lodestone Properties | Managing Director

“Definitely head out the gates to get the full Niseko powder experience. If you’re not sure where you’re going, there are great guides that will be able to show you the secret stashes! That January pow is at an all time high, anywhere on the mountain will guarantee a good time; But head to nearby resorts (Kiroro / Rusutsu) for a change of terrain, or get on a cat tour for longer runs or poppy rolls.”