Issue 24 | 5 Minutes With

5 Minutes With…
Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Marika Ohtani

We met up with local yoga teacher and Ashtanga practitioner, Marika Ohtani, for a chat about Astanga yoga, as well as the upcoming yoga workshop she's hosting with Cat Alip-Douglas and Phil Douglas (UK) from 24 - 28 February.

Photo by Jacinta Sonja

Photo by Jacinta Sonja

Tell us a little about your yoga journey.
When I broke my back and leg snowboarding in the span of 6 months, I thought I should do something good for my body. I tried a yoga class when I was in uni and loved it.

How long have you been practicing yoga?
On and off for about 15 years.

What do you enjoy about Ashtanga yoga?
It's a dynamic practice, but when you learn to practice it, it becomes a moving meditation.

How is Ashtanga yoga different from other types of yoga?
It's a hard question - because I don't practice other forms of yoga. But for me, Ashtanga's the best one!

What are some tips for someone who would like to give Ashtanga yoga a go?
Just go for it! It's a dynamic practice, do expect a bit of a workout. There are so many benefits I could name... You don't need a specific reason to practice - just as long as you do. Ideally one should practice 6 days a week, but everyone has a busy schedule... I'd say, start by practicing once a week, and you'll get the benefits from it.

Tell us about the upcoming yoga workshop you're organising in February.
I'm hosting 2 internationally acclaimed yoga teachers - Cat Alip-Douglas and her husband Phill Douglas from Sangye Yoga - Jivamukti Yoga Affiliate from 24 - 28 February. It's a rare chance to practice with such experienced yogis!


Interview by Jacinta Sonja

Find out more about the upcoming yoga workshop as well as Marika's Ashtanga classes on Marika's Facebook page: