Issue 30 | Local's Tips

Local’s Tips:

The snow gods have answered our prayers! If you’re new in town and wondering what to do on or off mountain, let out locals spill their secrets for December.

December is the best time to…

Andrew SPRAGG.png

“...take an avalanche course. With a full winter ahead and endless backcountry options about to open up, getting educated in backcountry safety will empower you to start exploring, setting you up for an epic winter!”

- Andrew Spragg | Rising Sun Guides (Director)

Rob EVANS.jpg

“...establish a winter routine that will set you up for a great season! Find your go to morning cuppa, invest in a yoga season pass, and try the new restaurants. Don’t forget to wax your snow shovel!”

- Rob Evans | Niseko Snowshoe

Shizuka MATSUBARA.png

“...learn about Hokkaido’s history through its art. Somoza Gallery is hosting the ‘Hokkaido Through the Ages’ exhibition. Learn through art and artefacts from Hokkaido’s inhabitants, as far back as 10,000 years ago.”

- Shizuka Matsubara | Sekka Lab / Somoza (Manager)