Quickfire Questions with Mick Nippard from Mick's

Photo by: Niseko Photography

Photo by: Niseko Photography


7 quickfire questions with wine bar owner and madhatter Mick Nippard from Mick's.


1. If you could only have one white wine and one red wine for the year, what would it be?

White: 1949 Marc Bredif. I've drank the 1966 and 1959, and they were the best out of the millions of litres!
Red: 1930 Puig Parahu Grand Roussillon. It's like a Xmas fruit cake from 5 years ago. The flavour is so rich, so intense.


2. What's the strangest talent/party trick you have?

I can dance to Midnight Oil!


3. What's the best drink to buy a lady you fancy at the bar?

A glass of bubbles :)


4. What (beer/wine) do you always have in your fridge?

Always a bottle of white! But in summer, the Hakuba Session IPA would be my choice.


5. What's your favourite wine to end the evening with?

Oleary Walker, Watervale Riesling. It is a nice clear, crisp dry taste!


6. If you could have an inspiration quote across a photo of you in black and white, what would it say?

"Don't question my choices (of wine)."


7. What makes you happy?

Playing backgammon and drinking wine!


The Oleary Walker Watervale Riesling and the 1930 Puig Parahu are available at Mick's Wine Bar.

See you at Mick's!






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